Scenic California Highway 247 Committee    
51720 Hacienda Rd. #247     
Johnson Valley, CA 92285

A committee of the Homestead Valley Community Council

Support Hwy 247 Scenic Designation
Research shows that a Scenic Highway traveling to your community enhances tourism and local pride in conserving the beauty and points of interest on the route, and benefits your local economy.

We have made it very easy to add your organization / business to the list of CA Hwy 247 scenic designation supporters. Simply fill out the quick form below and you will be included on our website, and on our list of supporters to be submitted with the scenic designation application. Or you can
download the form here to print, complete, and mail. 

Welcome to the cause!
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We also wish to add our name to the promotion of Hwy 247 Points of Interest and Destinations. Highlights of our attractions or services are:

We Support Scenic Designation for CA Highway 247

Joshua Tree on Hwy 247